Clean Up Israel was founded by Phillip Foxman, a Sydney businessman and member of the Australian Jewish community. Phillip was awakened to Israel’s need for a community-based environmental action program following the 1997 Maccabia Games tragedy, when 4 Australian athletes died and 70 others suffered injuries and serious health effects after a bridge collapse over the polluted Yarkon River.
Determined to make an environmental change for the better, on his return to Australia, Phillip met with Ian Kiernan, Chairman of Clean Up Australia and Clean Up the World.

The meeting inspired the creation of the Clean Up Israel campaign, aimed at cleaning up and fixing up Israel’s environment as a member of the international Clean Up the World movement.

Phillip Foxman is the owner and director of Botany Building Recyclers P/L, a construction materials recycling facility in Sydney. The company has received widespread recognition for its environmental initiatives over the last two decades. 

Phillip has traveled the world studying waste strategies, recycling and sustainable development. The knowledge he has gained through 32 years in the industry has been put to use working to better the environment of Australia, Israel and the world.