The vision of Clean Up Israel is to raise environmental awareness by combining education initiatives with practical environmental clean-up activities.

Although volunteers are of all ages and community groups, special emphasis is given to youth education, aimed at implementing ecological values as second nature. Clean-up projects integrated with ecological education and local environmental activities are the tools used to achieve this goal.

During the course of each clean-up, participants are introduced to some of the country’s major environmental issues, including pollution, coastal damage, wildlife conservation and local history. We believe that a person who takes part in such activities will gain a greater understanding of vital environmental issues and will be motivated to become a proactive participant in environmental protection initiatives.

Our clean-up activities are a means of promoting awareness on the issues of cleanliness and the importance of recycling and waste management, enabling long-term sustainable developments and solutions for Israel.

Side by side with the events and campaigns directly initiated and organised by Clean Up Israel, the organisation responds to requests from a wide variety of bodies including army and navy units, local authorities, government ministries and green organisations.
In 2008 we attracted more than 40,000 volunteers. The numbers are growing each year, with 50,000 volunteers participating in the 2011 National Clean Up Day alone.