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National CleanUp Day is held annually on the last Tuesday of the month Adar, (Article 21 of "Cleanliness Maintenance" Law ,named "National Clean Up Day").

The day's activities are held as a peak day event during "The Week of Love for water and the environment" are which is expressed in a variety of educational activities around the country.

Schools are encouraged to hold a specific educational program with an emphasis on the environment, and on "National Clean Up Day" all students, soldiers and citizens are called and encouraged to participate in public areas clean up activities throughout the country.

In addition, there are ceremonies, events, and a host of educational activities which appeal to a variety of audiences: decision makers, municipal leaders, VIPs, students, families and the general public – all intent to raise public awareness to conservation issues and the environment.

"Cleanliness Maintenance" Law was created to raise public awareness to cleanliness in the public domain and open spaces.
The origin of the National Cleanup Day concept was born as a joint initiative of the Ministry of Environment and CLEAN UP ISRAEL inspired by the international initiative called "Clean Up the World" which unites millions around the world once a year in a single outdoor clean up operation.

Since 2008 the number of participants in the annual campaign, has risen and more than 100,000 people participated in cleaning operations throughout the country last year.