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"Trash Travels" 2011 Report



CleanUp Israel joins forces with Hof-Naki (“Clean Coast “ program by Israel Ministry of Environmental Protection), to execute Ocean Conservancy’s ICC operation in Israel.

10 days, 5,500 volunteerd this recent year (2011) and in more than 50 individual operations, Coastal beaches and underwater clean-ups took place, they collected thousands of bags full of waste, doubling the numbers from last year’s campaign.

Residents, Pupils, soldiers and independent organisations, all co-participated locally in the global campaign.
The clean ups were initiated by schools, local authorities, youth movements and caring individuals.
Volunteers arriving at the locations were assigned guides,  environmental volunteers with Hof Naki, who briefed them about the campaign and its importance to our oceans.
The various activities included propaganda to beach goers as well as educational activities – all aimed at raising the awareness about the importance of caring for the cleanliness of our beaches.

Ocean Conservancy who initiates the global campaign issues the annual "Trash Travels" report which is based on the cleaning operations.
This report is constructed from data collected at the clean ups and provides a roadmap for reducing marine debris, reducing the source, modifying the behaviour that leads to its formation and taking actions and policies to better prevent it