Clean Up Israel is an environmental awareness program dedicated to preserving, protecting and restoring Israel’s environment.

As a member of Clean Up the World, a United Nations Environment Programme, our aim is to inspire and empower communities and individuals to clean up, fix up and conserve the local environment by setting achievable goals and targets for a sustainable future.

Established in 2000 by Australian Jewish businessman Phillip Foxman, Clean Up Israel organises and promotes small and large scale clean up initiatives, working with business sponsors, schools and other educational institutes to achieve simple, practical and lasting improvements to urban environments, wilderness areas, beaches and waterways.

Some of the activities we have undertaken in recent years include: clean-up campaigns targeting coastal and public areas, education and awareness campaigns and fix up projects such as the restoration of community gardens and the environmental enhancement of underprivileged neighbourhoods.
Our "Adopt An Area" campaigns encourage local communities to take responsibility for areas such as beaches, parks and roadways.

By educating and co-involving Arabs and Israelis in practical environmental clean-up campaigns, we hope to find a common ground through co-existence & co-operation.